Trade Show & Conference Video Services in Las Vegas

Capture the high energy and significant moments of your next trade show or conference with high-quality video.

Trade shows and conferences require a lot of time, energy and money. As a business, you want to be sure you are making the most out of every ROI opportunity your event provides. Hiring a professional videographer to capture it all on video is one of the best ways to get dynamic content that makes for effective marketing — we’re talking lead generation, digital marketing, promotional efforts and more.

Are you looking for the best convention video production crew? Emerald Motion Pictures has been providing professional event videography and photography for conferences, annual corporate meetings, live streaming, panel discussions, trade shows, and public speakers since 2006. We can deliver a product that will serve as an excellent marketing tool for many years to come. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 multinational operation to regional small business training events, we’ve got you covered. When your event is over, we can also provide editing services to put the entire event into a captivating conference sizzle reel, making an excellent promotional tool.

Forget about one-and-done content.

As one of the most engaging types of content, video has an innate ability to drive traffic to your site while turning potential new business into loyal customers. As an additional bonus, event videos are great for repurposing and extremely versatile, which means they can be worked into your overall digital marketing strategy in a variety of ways.

Post snippets of video on various social media channels

Creating a transcript to go along with your video is a great opportunity to boost SEO

Make blogs more engaging by embedding parts of your event video into the content

Share with desirable influencers and collaborators to convey credibility and professionalism 

Use it to create a teaser campaign or to promote future events

Make the impact of your trade show or conference last long after it’s over. Get yourself some high quality video content that can be used again and again! Let’s talk.

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Video Service for Your Trade Show

Expertise & Quality

Professional video production companies bring expertise and finesse to the table. Our storytelling, filming, and editing proficiency ensure a polished final product. We have shot numerous conferences and trade shows of all sizes, so we know how to best capture these types of events to create an impactful visual medium.


We offer fresh perspectives and innovative techniques to showcase the event’s vibe, capturing moments that resonate with the audience. We use state-of-the-art filming and editing equipment to ensure the best quality product. We can also take a creative approach to capturing unique angles, shots, and more.

Technical Proficiency

Emerald Motion Pictures has access to all kinds of video and editing equipment. Our knowledge of these resources allows us to deliver high quality, visually stunning material.


There are so many options for how to present your video. Our crew has experience working in all kinds of visual mediums and production types. We can create something truly unique that helps your brand stand out from the competition. 


Video content is evergreen, meaning it can be adapted for multiple purposes over time and sustain its relevance in regards to your products and services. 

Ways to Use Conference Video Content

Once we deliver the final cut, the journey doesn’t have to stop there. There are multiple ways you can use trade show and conference video content to stretch its value over time and generate more ROI. 

Marketing Collateral

Market your company’s presence at the event to showcase your industry relevance. Customers like to see companies that are active within their respective industries, and this type of content lends authority to your brand.

Content Repurposing

Use video snippets from the conference in marketing collateral like blogs, email campaigns, landing pages, social media ad campaigns, and more. You can use these in a timely fashion after the event to capture the remaining interest and excitement.

Educational Resource

Panel discussions and keynote speeches often contain invaluable knowledge about services and products. You can reuse these videos as a knowledge source for future customers. Sales reps can use them in pitches, and you can include the content in how-to guides, instruction sets, and more.

How Our Conference Video Service Works

Step One: Contact Us

Reach out to our team to speak with someone about your trade show or conference video needs. We will ask a few questions about the event so we can better understand its scale and how we can best approach the video.

Step Two: Preproduction and Planning

Our team has experience working in all of the normal Las Vegas conference spots, so we understand the layout and where to place our cameras for maximum effect. We will plan out any storyboarding elements, interviews, and whatever else is necessary to create a smooth production day.

Step Three: Production Day

We will show up at the designated time for load-in and ensure everything is tested before we begin shooting. Once the day starts, we work efficiently to get the shots we need and additional B-roll footage for editing purposes.

Step Four: Post Production

This is where the magic happens. We will edit all the shots together and create a story from the event. We will then send it over for review and approval.

Step Five: Deliverables

Once we have final approval, we’ll send over the video in whichever file format you prefer. Please contact us if you have any issues with the final cut.

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