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Types of Interview Video Content

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials feature satisfied clients sharing their positive experiences with a product, service, or brand. They provide real-life narratives, instilling confidence and trust in potential customers. We can combine storytelling elements with a customer testimonial, creating scenario-based content that highlights the applicability of your products or services through an authentic lens.

Employee Testimonials

You can also capture testimonials from your own employees! This is a great way to foster a better company culture and show potential clients the passion your employees have for the work they do. These can be taken at your office, at a conference or trade show, or in another offsite setting. These testimonials are also great HR tools, as they can attract potential recruits and reinforce the company’s commitment to its workforce.

Expert Reviews and Insights

Want to feature a product or service with a sense of established authority? Use video content featuring a subject matter expert. These can help break down complex products and services into more digestible formats. We can also add other visual effects in postproduction to emphasize key points and create a compelling visual style that fits within your brand guidelines.


Conference and Trade Show Videos

Conferences and trade shows bring an entire industry together. They are a great source of content in the way of interviews and testimonials. We can set up at your next trade show or conference and capture people as they interact with your booth, film keynote speeches, film interview panels, and more. 

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Case Studies

Case studies help provide context around specific situations that can be aided with your products and services. A video case study is a way of showcasing these circumstances with added interview context from either a subject matter expert or client. They provide relatable success stories that show your brand in action.

Benefits of Video Testimonials and Interviews

Establish Trust and Credibility

Testimonials from satisfied clients are a common swaying point for potential customers. They like to see that people are happy with your products and services. A video testimonial puts a name to the face and makes a much more compelling argument. They can see the product in action along with hearing authentic, real-life reviews of what the client liked about the product. There may even be a surprise benefit they receive from it that could make all the difference in convincing a potential customer.

Humanizes the Brand

Video testimonials and interviews provide a more authentic appeal than text or other
forms of imagery. These videos establish an emotional connection and humanize their
brand. Customers tend to go with brands that they resonate with more, and video content
is a fantastic way of bridging that gap.

Demonstrate the Value of Your Product or Service

Video testimonials don’t have to be as black-and-white as a person talking to a camera in a
room. We can splice in footage of the product in action, of a customer interacting with
their family or at work, or even animations and other postproduction effects that all
combine to tell a better story. There are many creative ways to express and demonstrate
the value of your brand through video content. We can help you find the best path forward
based on your project goals and company values.

Better Visibility

Video content helps improve SEO rankings and your overall online visibility. The content is
extremely shareable and can be used in multiple marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Video Testimonials and Interviews

Step One: Contact Us

Reach out to the team at Emerald Motion Pictures to learn more about our video testimonial and interview capabilities. We can tell you more about our packages and determine a quote based on the scale of the project.

Step Two: Preproduction and Planning

We can help with scriptwriting, coming up with interview questions, and establishing a storyboard for the shoot. While you may think these aren’t necessary with a simple interview, they help establish a narrative that captures key elements of what the video is trying to accomplish. We will consult with you during the planning process to ensure that we hit all the intended marks.

Step Three: Production Day

We will set up a perfect shooting environment with lighting and sound and check multiple angles for the best shots. We also handle micing up the interview subject to capture clean and concise audio.

Step Four: Postproduction

After shooting is concluded, we will get to work editing the interview to compile the best takes and create a narrative from start to finish. We can also splice in different clips if the video calls for it. For example, we can include pictures or video of the product or service in action, group settings, b-roll footage, and more.

Step Five: Final Cut

We will send you a copy of the video for review and can make the requested edits in line with the contract. Once we have final approval, we will send you the file in whichever format you prefer.

Find More Customers With the Help of Your Current Customers

Capturing authentic feedback is not only good for establishing brand trust, but it also presents a smart opportunity to generate content to attract more eyes to your brand. If you want to make the most of client or employee feedback, Emerald Motion Pictures is here to help. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and walk you through what the production process could look like.

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