Professional Photography Picture the possibilities.

Your brand identity is built upon the foundation of visual strategies and consistencies. From your logo to typography to color schemes, everything was given a lot of thought. The photography you use to represent your brand should be given the same amount of attention and respect.

While stock photography can essentially get the job done, your brand deserves better. People will inevitably begin to recognize the cliché photos being used, which could cause your brand to lose credibility. Hiring a reputable professional photographer to shoot photos specifically for your business will elevate your brand image. You’ll want to invest in professional photography for the following:

Images on your website
Cover photos on social media
OOH and print campaigns
Direct mail 
Internal marketing materials

The right professional photographer will know how to successfully convey your brand story. Every image should capture what makes your company unique while showcasing the mission and personality of your brand. An experienced photographer will know how to seamlessly build in your brand’s color schemes, logo or other branded elements. 

These original photographs will ultimately strengthen your brand identity and increase recognition. When your brand is represented in a more cohesive and original way, the more likely it is that consumers will think of you before your competitors. Emerald Motion Pictures is ready to help you stand out from the rest.

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Product Photography

Product photography is the art of creating visually appealing and accurate images of items for various purposes like advertising, e-commerce, and catalogs. It involves meticulous lighting, composition, and editing to showcase the product’s details, features, and aesthetics, effectively conveying its value to potential customers.


Trade Show & Conference Photography

Conference and trade show photography involves capturing images during industry events, seminars, and exhibitions. Photographers document keynote speakers, networking activities, product displays, and attendee interactions. These images are used for marketing, promotional materials, and recaps, showcasing the event’s atmosphere, content, and networking opportunities to a broader audience.


Headshot Photography

Professional headshot photography aims to capture individuals in a polished and engaging manner. These high-quality portraits are used for professional profiles, resumes, and branding purposes. The images showcase the subject’s confidence, approachability, and personality, making a lasting impression in the business world and on social platforms.


Food Photography

Food photography aims to present appetizing and visually appealing images of dishes, beverages, and culinary creations. By using lighting, composition, and styling techniques, photographers capture the textures, colors, and intricate details of the food, enticing viewers’ senses and encouraging culinary exploration. These photos are commonly used in menus, cookbooks, and marketing materials.


Live Entertainment Photography

Live entertainment photography captures dynamic and captivating images of performances, concerts, and events. Skilled photographers adeptly handle low-light conditions and fast-paced action to freeze memorable moments,
artist expressions, and audience reactions. These vibrant and immersive photos enhance event promotion, fan
engagement, and artist portfolios, preserving the magic of live entertainment.


Special Event Photography

“>Special event photography captures memorable moments during various occasions like weddings, birthdays, and
corporate events. Skilled photographers document candid and posed shots, ensuring the essence and emotions of
the event are preserved. These images serve as cherished mementos, allowing participants to relive the joy and significance of the occasion.