About Us

A filmography connoisseur.

Glenn Student has decades of experience in the industry and loads of passion. He began his career in film and television production right out of college. Landing a gig as a production assistant to Oscar-winning producer, Michael Phillips, Glenn learned many valuable tricks of the trade. Quickly
rising through the ranks from dolly grip and key grip to post-production coordinator and location manager, Glenn continuously refined his skills along the way.

Throughout his filmography career, Glenn has had the privilege of collaborating with Academy Award-winning talents such as Janusz Kaminksy and Oliver Stone. Additionally, he has worked on many independent films with legendary filmmakers including B-movie king, Roger Corman and PM Entertainment. By 2013, Glenn was producing corporate videos all around the country and filming content for A&E, NASCAR, Food Network and ESPN.

As the Owner and Founder of Emerald Motion Pictures, Glenn has earned himself a reputation as a leader in the corporate video world. Incorporating his motion picture background into the business, Glenn and his team consistently produces creative, award-winning films for clients like Mercedes-Benz, Pfizer, Glock, Linksys, Farmers Insurance, American Lung Association and more. It’s time to add your name to that list!

During the course of his career as a producer, cinematographer and editor, Glenn’s work has earned him and his team many awards and accolades. 

Hard Work Pays Off

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Breaking Box Office Record

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Road to Success

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Debut Production

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