"Thank you for the wonderful video of our daughter's Bat Mitzvah at the Venetian... You did a fabulous job of capturing all the important moments...Everything was truly wonderful...We enjoy watching every minute...The montage was very clever...we are just thrilled...The highlights are so full of emotion...Thank you for helping to make our spectacular event such a wonderful and much cherished memory!"........ Cari Marshall & Ed Bernstein



We know that your child has spent many hours preparing for this special day. He/She deserves to have this day preserved with a fun Bar Mitzvah Video for him/her and future generations to experience.

We have been producing Bar Mitzvah Videos in the Las Vegas area as well as California and New York since 1993 so we’re familiar with most of the local Temples and their customs and traditions. We know what traditions to expect and capture and we know how to remain unobtrusive while capturing them so you’ll have a Bar Mitzvah Video that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Watch some Bar Mitzvah Video Highlights here.


Bar Mitzvah Entrance Videos have become all the rage over the last several years. We started doing them about 7 years ago. Kids love them because it’s their way of adding a customized, personal touch and sometimes even include their friends as co-stars. Parents love them because it’s a unique alternative to the traditional, and sometimes boring photo montage. It’s also something no one will ever forget.

For many kids, it’s a way to showcase their personality, talents and show-off their acting, singing or dancing skills. Or just a chance to be silly.

Here are samples of some of our older Bar Mitzvah Entrance Videos. We’re currently working on some exciting new ones for you.


Even though we are based in Las Vegas, we often travel around the country producing Bar Mitzvah Videos. We frequently do Bar Mitzvah Videos in Southern California and can work as locals in Orange County, CA. In other words, we don’t need hotel accommodations in Orange County, CA. Other cities that we usually don’t need accommodations provided are Tampa, FL; San Antonio, TX; San Diego, CA.