Results of the New Amsterdam Vodka Short Film Series

It saddens us to let our fans know that we did not win this year’s New Amsterdam Vodka Short Film Series. However, we are still very proud of the effort everyone put in and the resulting product. It screened very well at the awards presentation tonight at Atomic Liquors and was well received, even by the other competitors. We are also very honored to have been invited to compete against such great filmmaking teams.

This was our entry in the Invitation Only, inaugural short film competition held by New Amsterdam Vodka. New Amsterdam Invited the top 5 teams in this year’s 48 Hour Film Project Las Vegas to compete in making a 3-5 minute short film breaking the stereotypes of our city and showing the other side and to make the film in 48 hours.

Of the 5 Las Vegas teams invited, 1 team did not turn in their film in time to be eligible, leaving 4 of us. It was a huge challenge, even more so than the usual 48 Hour Film Project as we had no notice to prepare by making sure we had talent and locations at the ready.

Those that did participate with us on our film did a fantastic job and Scott and I would like to thank all of you for your help.

Produced by:
Glenn Student of Emerald Motion Pictures


Scott “Scooter”  Diel of K.T.F. Media Productions


Hidden Vegas: Life Behind the Lights